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Post-Tension Slab Services

From residential new construction, multifamily Post-Tension Projects, commercial multistory flat plate designs, parking garages, and podiums to Post-Tension Materials, stud rails, barrier cable, and Post-Tension Repair, Post-Tension Services would enjoy the opportunity to add strength to your next project.

Residential Post-Tension Slab

Residential Post-Tension

Residential new construction is a cornerstone of our business. As a leading Post-Tension Foundation Company, we provide Post-Tension products, services, and concrete reinforcing materials to national builders, custom builders, and turnkey concrete contractors. With a dedicated, highly experienced residential estimating department, Post-Tension Services can quickly provide accurate and timely quotes for any project in Dallas, Fort Worth, throughout DFW, Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Louisiana, New Mexico, and beyond. Our account managers ensure our services are unmatched in the industry, overseeing a stress-free process from estimate to delivery and invoicing.

Multifamily Post-Tension Foundations

No Post-Tensioner is better prepared to serve the multifamily construction industry than Post-Tension Services. Our multifamily department is staffed by drafts people who specialize in multifamily construction and can provide fast, accurate estimates and timely sealed shop drawings. Our production facilities are well stocked, allowing us to fabricate multiple large projects simultaneously—and our stressing crews are employees of our company, allowing for tighter controls over equipment calibration, laboratory appointments, and cut/grout operations. When it comes to Multifamily Post-Tension Concrete projects, we are the single best choice.

Commercial Elevated Post-Tension Slabs

Commercial Post-Tension Slabs

From cast-in-place parking garages and podiums to multistory flat plate designs, Post-Tension Services is prepared to take any elevated Post-Tension Slab project to the next level. Our dedicated commercial team specializes in estimating and drafting elevated post-tension projects, allowing for quick and precise estimates. Our commercial operations team is adept at fabricating superior encapsulated post-tension materials for use in corrosive environments and/or elevated slabs. We also maintain ample stock of calibrated “power-seating” stressing equipment and shearing devices, which can be shipped out and remain onsite for the duration of your project. In addition to providing Post-Tension Cable materials, we can also provide stud rails, Barrier Cable materials, accessories, drawings, and installation services. We ship materials for elevated slabs across the country. Let us know how we can help with your next commercial construction project.

Post-Tension Repair

Have a problem with an existing post-tension slab? No problem. Post-Tension Services employs multiple repair crews specializing in both slab-on-ground and elevated applications. No post-tension slab repair is too big or small. With decades of experience in repair and stressing operations, there aren’t any Post-Tension Slab Problems our crew leaders have not seen. We can quickly diagnose and properly repair any slab.

Post-Tensioning Materials

Post-Tensioning Materials

In addition to fabricated post-tension cable packages, Post-Tension Services stocks a broad range of other concrete-reinforcing materials and accessories. From fabricated rebar to curing compounds, Post-Tension Services has you covered.

  • Rebar
  • Wire Mesh
  • Expansion Joint
  • Stego Vapor Barriers
  • Anchor Bolts
  • Mudsills
  • Stud Rails
  • STDHs
  • Tie Wire
  • Nails
  • Epoxy
  • PE Sheeting
  • And More

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