Our integrity isn’t just structural. It’s personal.

Post-Tensioning Company

Strong. Efficient. Reliable. Effective. The same qualities that describe our Post-Tension Services also apply to our people. Post-Tension Services is a Dallas-based Post-Tension Company servicing clients throughout Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Colorado, and many other states. We are dedicated to providing every customer with Post-Tension Services that meet the highest standards of quality. We aspire to earn your Post-Tension Slab and Barrier Cable Installation and Repair business through hard work and dedication to our craft—and to maintain your business through performance, value, and dependability. Post-Tensioning is deeply rooted in our heritage.  Let us help you build foundations that will last a lifetime.

What Sets Us Apart

Customer Service

At Post-Tension Services, we believe delivering excellent customer service is simple. We simply treat our customers the same way we would like to be treated. That means operating our business honestly, delivering high-quality work, meeting project deadlines, standing behind our products, and always treating our customers with respect. We value your business—and we never take it for granted.


When your products form the foundations for residential homes, multifamily properties, parking garages, and large commercial structures, quality materials matter. We take pride in knowing that every component of our product is sourced from vendors who hold the same standards as we do. We make purchasing decisions with the same expectations our customers seek, demanding only the best in quality and service.


We are in business to cut cable, not corners. While we embrace advancements that contribute to quality and efficiency, our processes are anchored in tried-and-true methods that have been vetted over decades. We deliver quality work by relying on proven techniques and paying careful attention to details. From planning to installation to quality control, our process results in superior structural integrity.

Meet Our Team

Our experienced, hardworking, and talented people are the heart of our business and the reason for our success.

Justin Zuckerbrow

Justin Zuckerbrow
Vice President

Kyle French

Brett Hunter
National Sales Director

Stacy Crow

Stacy Crow
South Texas Division Manager

Derek Tuttle

Derek Tuttle

What Is Post-Tensioning?

Post-tensioning is a method of reinforcing concrete using high-strength steel strands. Post-tensioned concrete is lightweight, durable, and structurally efficient, making it an ideal product for residential buildings, commercial structures, multifamily construction, parking garages, bridges, and more. The benefits of post-tensioning include:

Stronger. Fewer Materials.

Post-tensioning makes it possible to build structures using less concrete and reinforcing steel than traditional concrete slabs, while increasing structural capacity and slab stiffness. Post-tensioned concrete slabs are also better able to resist bending caused by differential soil movements.

Faster. More Cost-Effective.

With fewer pieces to handle and less concrete to place, a post-tensioned slab can often be installed more quickly than a comparable rebar- or wire mesh-reinforced slab. Beams are smaller and slabs are thinner; therefore, savings in excavation, site preparation, concrete, and steel costs can also be achieved.

Increased Reliability.

An engineered solution, post-tensioning is designed to exacting standards and code requirements, has an excellent performance record, and offers increased reliability.

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